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Addicted to Alcohol? Don't know where to turn to? A Center for Addiction Recovery, an addiction treatment center, has been providing alcohol rehab to New Jersey residents since 2002. Our 72 bed rehab facility provides comprehensive yet affordable treatment to heal and nurture those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Our alcohol rehab campus is located in a beautiful and tranquil secluded area with the residential area that consists of separate quarters for male and female clients. Clients seeking alcohol rehab are admitted to our residential alcohol rehab, where medical detox (if required) is performed on-site in our detox complex. After detoxification, clients will attend a traditional alcohol treament program, comprised of cognitive behavior therapy, as well as holistic and alternative therapies. The purpose of the cognitive behavior therapy is to educate the person to recognize situations in which they are most likely to drink, and how to avoid those situations and ways to cope with life problems in general without resorting to drinking. The duration of our alcohol rehab programs depends on the client's level of addiction and mental health condition, lasting up to 30 days. Our alcohol rehab is guided by our commitment to provide excellence care to all seeking freedom from addiction. Call us toll free at 1-866-321-6370 . Our counselors are well versed in answering your questions regarding insurance, programs and therapies offered at our alcohol rehab facility.

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Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

According to the 2010 New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services' Healthy New Jersey Report, estimates of the statewide need for alcohol and/or drug treatment indicate that 677,100 New Jerseyans are in need of addiction treatment and approximately 43,600 persons in this group would seek appropriate treatment if it were readily available. These estimates have been developed and refined between 1995 and 1998, and incorporates data from two major sources: the (adult) Survey of Households in New Jersey conducted in 1993 and 1994, and a supplemental statistical procedure applied to drug treatment admissions data reported by service providers to the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Data System (ADADS) maintained by NJDHSS. ADADS collects data on the frequency of client admission and discharge at addiction treatment centers in New Jersey. Reporting is mandatory for licensed drug or alcohol treatment providers, NJDHSS-approved outpatient programs, agencies funded by NJDHSS, or a county government agency providing addiction treatment services, as well as Intoxicated Driver Resource Center-approved facilities. Of those persons needing treatment, almost seventy percent were male, and 3.7 percent were intravenous drug users, whose drug use is associated with HIV/AIDS transmission, as well as hepatitis B and C infections. In 1999, 54,810 treatment admissions for alcohol and drugs were reported to ADADS.

The current published estimates of the statewide need for alcohol and/or drug treatment in New Jersey have been included in the NJDHSS Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (SAPT) Block Grant applications since 1997. New Jersey is currently updating its methodology to generate a more accurate set of figures based on 12 month use, and anticipates making updated prevalence and need estimates with the FFY 2002 SAPT Block Grant application. Prior to the release of the first Healthy New Jersey 2010 update, all baseline figures and targets will be re-evaluated if scientifically-sound measures are available.

Although men comprise nearly three-quarters of the population needing alcohol and/or drug treatment, NJDHSS provides priority treatment admissions for pregnant women and women with dependent children through a federal initiative which funds a comprehensive continuum of care, including short and long-term residential inpatient, intensive outpatient and methadone maintenance treatment. Because of the potential harm their addiction poses to their children, it is essential to make pregnant women and women with dependent children a priority for treatment. In addition, during 1999, NJDHSS, in partnership with the Department of Human Services, implemented the Work First New Jersey Substance Abuse Initiative in order to remove substance abuse as an employment barrier among welfare recipients, many of whom are women with dependent children.

The decline in New Jersey's death rate due to alcohol-related vehicle fatalities is related in part to the state's comprehensive policy against impaired driving, or driving under the influence (DUI). The policy, adopted in 1994, incorporates community education; strict enforcement of DUI statutes; use of effective penalties, including driver's license revocation; mandatory post-conviction education; and treatment for all convicted DUI offenders when indicated, prior to relicensing them to drive. Since implementation of the redesigned Intoxicated Driving Program within NJDHSS, 259,000 DUI offenders have been evaluated and educated between 1984 and 1998 at twenty-four local Intoxicated Drivers Resource Centers. Of those evaluated, 115,000 were referred to alcohol or drug treatment agencies and providers and/or to self help groups.

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